Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Gun Control 7

To me, Sean Hannity raised some good points and arguments about the gun control ideas proposed by democrat Michael Gianaris.  Gianaris proposed that there should be gun free zones, and those gun free zones will prevent gun violence in those areas.  Hannity says that is an unrealistic solution because no gunman wanting to commit a crime or murder will stop because of a "gun free zone".  Gianaris also said that it wouldn't prevent gun violence completely, but it would make it harder for felons or people thinking of committing a crime to obtain a weapon.  Hannity argued that would have little effect because it is so easy to obtain a gun if you really want one, almost no law will prevent someone from getting a gun.  I agree with Sean mainly because it is silly to believe that a few gun laws will make an extreme difference in gun violence.  Also, statistically towns that are not gun free tend to be safer than towns or cities that are gun free.  Sean makes the point that no gunman would shoot up an area knowing there are other armed men or women in said area.  Also he raised a scenario of a single mom at home, and there is a break in, how is she to protect herself?  The right to own a gun is a second amendment right and the government should not be able to take that away, unless you're a convicted felon.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Gun Control 5

 Households With a Gun Adults Owning a Gun Adults Owning a Handgun
Percentage 40-45% 30-34% 17-19%
Number 47-53 million 70-80 million 40-45 million

  A 2005 nationwide Gallup poll of 1,012 adults found the following levels of firearm ownership:

 Percentage Owning
a Firearm
Households 42%
Individuals 30%
Male 47%
Female 13%
White 33%
Nonwhite 18%
Republican 41%
Independent 27%
Democrat 23%

 In the same poll, gun owners stated they own firearms for the following reasons:

Protection Against Crime 67%
Target Shooting 66%
Hunting 58%

Also, in Chicago, where gun laws are the most strict in the country, statistics just came out that Chicago has the highest death rate by gun so far this year with 391 deaths as of November 3rd, 2015.  

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Gun Control 4

Now lets talk about the opposing argument.  Those who say that if everyone can easily access a gun (which they can anyway), then if they are having a bad day or suddenly get upset with someone they could make the split second to shoot them out of the heat of the moment, whether than taking the time to think about it and not killing the person.  Or if someone decides to shoot up a school, they would have to take the time to buy a gun and someone would either figure out and stop him before they did it or they would realize they shouldn't shoot up a school.  But the truth is that wouldn't change much.  Guns will always be extremely available and if someone wants to commit a crime they will, nothing will stop them.  There will always be up and down sides in any argument especially when it comes to Gun Control, and there is no way to make a law where everyone will always be 100% safe.  However, it is possible to decrease gun violence,  and I think the stats show with records in Chicago vs records in Texas, that our country would be safest if gun laws were less stringent and Americans could keep their second amendment right, the right to bear arms.

Gun Control 3

Texas is one of the least restricted states when it comes to gun laws in the whole country, and their gun violence rate is among the lowest in the country.  How could this be?  Its common sense that no criminal is going to walk into a super market or a movie theater with the intention to shoot up the place or commit a mass murdering knowing that there will most likely be at least 10 people in the store or wherever that have guns on them, carrying them concealed and will fire back and kill the person trying to commit the crime.  If gun laws became less strict in all states, and men and women became eligible to carry firearms concealed, the gun violence nation wide would most likely decrease.

Gun Control 2

For those of you who don't know, Chicago IL has the highest death rate caused by gun violence in the whole country, yet guns are completely illegal in the city of Chicago.  How is this possible?  There is now way to deprive all gang members or people intending to do wrong of their guns because if they are already planning on murdering someone, they don't care if they break the law of having a gun or not.  Guns are so easily available on the black market and other sources any individual can have a gun within a matter of hours if they want one.  It is again for this reason the gun control regulations not only take guns away from the citizens that would never do harm with them, but limit them defenseless if they were ever in a situation with a man or women threatening their life with a gun which can happen anywhere at any time.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Gun Control

The right to own a gun is not only a matter of happiness, but also peace of mind whether you are at home or traveling around the country.  Granted by the second amendment of the constitution, another man should not have the right to take a possession (firearm) away from me unless used to hurt or potentially threaten myself or others.  The only thing the SAFE act will do is take the guns away from the law abiding citizens of America.